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DIY Customized PureBond Board Game by Spoonful of Imagination

DIY_batman_party_game-1024x719 friends-1024x676This might be one of the most thoughtful, awesome gifts for a young Batman fan that we could think of…a customized DIY Batman board game made batman_birthday_boy-1024x556especially for a  little boy’s birthday!!! Erica the creative mind and hands behind at a Spoonful of Imagination blog created this ultra creative game with our PureBond hardwood plywood for her son Jeremiah’s birthday and as you can see from the pictures that not only is Jeremiah a huge Batman fan but the game was  hit amongst his friends who are Batman fans as well it seems :)! In fact, we are betting that Erica gets some orders for some more customized board games in the future! For more details and How-to on this project, click here!


Scrap PureBond DIY magnets

craft_magnetsOne of our favorite things is to see every last scrap of our eco-friendly PureBond hardwood plywood used in a project and these creative little gems of magnets by A Spoonful of Imagination are PERFECTION!!! Erica, the DIY blogger here (remember her from a recent plank wall project?) is the creative mind and hands behind thisRustoleum_spray_paint_colors-1024x707painted_hearts-1024x737 clever use of scrap PureBond! To find our more about this project OR if you covet a magnet of your own (I hear Erica has some for sale) Click here!

DIY PureBond Plank wall by A Spoonful of Imagination

DIY-Planked-Wall-1024x768We’re so excited to see this fabulous planked wall project from Erica the artful DIY blogger from A Spoonful of  Imagination that used some of our buying_purebond_wood-1024x10021/4″ Oak PureBond hardwood plywood purchased at her local The Home Depot!!  Erica and her husband Matt have done a planked_wall-1024x674really great job with this new wall makeover, not only in the construction but also but creating a really good video tutorial and lots of instructions, in case anyone else out there has a yen for a PureBond Plant wall as well in their own home 😉 In fact, this PureBond blogger, has to confess that she wasn’t aware that Home Depot stocked the1/4″ thickness of our PureBond hardwood plywood (I am still relatively new), so I too learned something valuable from this project :) :)

For more on this project, click here!